Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pictures and more!

Happy Christmas!!! DH and I have been playing "Chrismukkuh" this week! How fun! Not because one of us is Jewish and the other is Christian, just because we can... and because we are leaving tonight to visit our family ~ and why take our presents with us unopened?!?! LOL So, we have been giving each other a little something almost every day this week. I totally got spoiled, of course. :) And poor DH has to wait for the continuation of "Chrismukkuh" until we get back from Montana because a couple of his presents haven't gotten here yet. :(

Anyway... "Santa" did let me get a Cricut. The "expressions" one. I can't take it out of the box until we get back from our trip because all I'll want to do is play. So, it is sitting in front of the tree. DH did surprise me with a new camera though! Wow!!!! A Nikon D40. It is soo snazzy!!! A neighbor friend came over and gave me a brief lesson last night on how to use it. It takes the nicest photos! See!!!! DH took this one - me without glasses and a new haircut.

Also, here is a photo of the paper pieced Santa that I made. And one of the Christmas cards that I made for my Christmas card Stamp-a-stack. Next month we are going to have Birthday card stamp-a-stack, and make a perpetual calendar!

And I have been making topiary for Christmas presents. These are pretty fun ~ and easy. Great way to use up some of the millions of Prima flowers that I have!!! This one still needs some filling in ~ almost done! Good thing that I am seeing these girlfriends after Christmas!!!

The last picture is of some Christmas ornaments that I made for a little class. They are just like the ones that Basic Grey had a couple years ago with the Blitzen paper pack. Remember?! I thought that they were a lot of fun ~ but kind of frustrating. I taught 6 ladies how to make them and then 5 minutes later couldn't get mine to go together! LOL

Hope that you are getting your last holiday shopping done! We are going to finish up shopping for the kids and my nieces tomorrow when we get off the plane. Talk about last minute!!! I did get a couple things that we are taking back. I couldn't go all crazy shopping here because we are taking a cooler of halibut back with us and bringing back some antelope or something like that. I don't know... I don't eat it!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yes, I am still here... I don't have a really good excuse - well, you tell me if my excuses are enough to forgive me for not posting! LOL
We got a new computer and I have been trying to transfer files with this "supposed to be" really easy fire wire transfer. AUGH! Frustrating! It will happen though... I must be patient.
I must tell you about our new computer though. I spent an entire Saturday driving around Fairbanks computer shopping. Totally dismayed because I didn't want a new PC with Vista... yuck, yuck... and I really didn't want to pay retail price for a Mac. Hey, gotta use that "educator discount" whenever I can. So, I went home with the notion that I was going to the campus on Monday morning to order my computer at the Tech Center at UAF. I was getting excited to get a new "all in one" Mac. As I was lying in bed flipping through the channels that night, I hit QVC and they were showing their "deal of the day!" They had this fantastic package deal with Dell. Go figure! So, that is how I got my new Dell! I still want to get a new Mac, but I am going to have to wait maybe until my birthday - and maybe instead get a laptop. Even better!!!
I do have picts to post ~ I promise to get them up as soon as I can... gotta get those computers up and running!
Oh! must tell about my shopping in Kansas City. The conference was awesome (the REAL reason I was there...) It was for a program that I am working with through 4-H call Operation Military Kids. It is the great collaboration with a number of partners like the Army, American Legion, Boys and Girls Clubs, 4-H, etc. Anyway... just a little plug for the program... if you are a military family and are affected by military deployments ~ check out A number of states are doing a lot of wonderful things to help in supporting our families of a deployed solider!
Ok... back to shopping... I found Archivers. I actually left the store with a BOX full of goodies! Yes, a BOX! Christmas, doggie, and princess scrapping goodies - I am sure that would not surprise many that know me even a smidgen! lol
This past weekend I attended a holiday ornament exchange at the Two Street Scrappers studio in Fairbanks. I got the CUTEST Victorian style coin purse ornament. I was absolutely meant for me. :) No one even tried to steal it... good thing! LOL Saturday I attended my little friend DJ's first birthday party! We had a luau party - and even limboed. Wasn't that a site!!! Then, I want to my friend Ambers to scrapbook for a few hours. I actually didn't scrapbook, but made a Christmas picture. I will have to post more later on that... Freddie was gone all weekend to Anchorage helping a friend gut a condo. Now... how is it that DH will go 300+ miles to help a buddy to some serious manual labor, but I can't get him to finish putting "his" room together?!?! I am proud of him though ~ that does take a good friend to travel that far to do some crazy kind of work!
Dilemma... I have been really shopping around and reading up to see if I really would use a Cricket. Now that the larger size ones are on the shelves, I think that I might! Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Especially if you know of any smoken' deals! LOL ~ Thanks! ~
Hope that your holidays are merry!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where Has She Gone?!

I am still here!!! The holidays always seem to bring more fun and more activities!!!
We are still unpacking - but almost there!!! And even put out a few Christmas lights in our little front yard area. I also had my Christmas Stamp-A-Stack of cards over the weekend - at three different times and enjoyed having 25 ladies come over to make Christmas cards. Lots of work - but lots of fun!!! I had great held to - thanks to my newest "Angel," Kera!!! She helped me cut paper with "Big Bertha" (the heavy duty paper cutter) and put card kits together! Thanks, Kera!!!
I'll hopefully be able to post some picts later today...
Next week I get to travel for work again - this time to Kansas City. Always love going to KC because Archivers is not far away!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Eyeballs!!!

First - guess what I forgot to do!!! Take pictures of my booth at the Holiday Marketplace!!! AUGH!!! It was very cute though and I did get lots of compliments on it! The weekend was very long - but fun and I met a lot of new people and got lots of great new contacts!!! I have 25 individuals signed up for my Christmas Stamp-a-Stack, which rocks!!! Woo-hoo!!! And, I had fabulous help from my dear friends ~ Alysia, Anne Marie, Kara, Kera, and Macon! They kept me company and were great sales girls!
Onto the title of the post!!! I am in Anchorage for laser eye surgery!!! I had it today. So far so good. I couldn't get Lasik because my corneas were on the limit for being to thin. I appreciate the Dr. being honest and taking the safe route. So, I had PRK instead. I am doing really well and can see better than before already. It is amazing. The process was pretty wicked cool. Tomorrow morning I have my post-op appointment and then home... no more glasses! YEAH!! It will be different though because I have had corrective lenses since I was in 5th grade.
Let's see... no stamping or scrapping things to share ~ hopefully after this weekend I will have something. I am getting my craft room in order though ~ after the big more~ things are finally finding a home. I am sure that you will be able to relate - I have sooo much stuff!! It is crazy!!! LOL
Have a great weekend!
Keepin' it inky,

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Holiday MarketPlace Time!!!

Sorry for the huge lack of posts! In between MOVING, unpacking boxes, and trying to figure out where to put things - and where did I put things?!?! I have also been getting ready for my first huge holiday market at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks ~ coming up this weekend.
I have been working hard creating my booth space, making things to sell, and cleaning out my stamps! I'll be sure to take a picture and post it!
Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

FUN in Atlanta with 4-H!!!

Wow! What an awesome week this has been in Atlanta!!! It is always great to get together with my 4-H colleagues! I learn so much and we have so much fun!!! The highlights of the conference have been getting my photo taken with Jennifer Nettles of Sugar Land ~black shirt, cacky pants ~ (who is a former Georgia 4-Her), hearing some very awesome speakers - this morning was CNN's Nancy Grace ~ a former Georgia 4-Her ~ and one of the afternoons, three of us got the opportunity to check out the Atlanta Apparel mart ~ and yesterday was an awesome afternoon of shopping at the Lenox mall!!! Where was the conference!?!? LOL I attended some fantastic workshops and can't wait to get home to get to working on some new programs for our Alaska 4-Hers!!! And tonight will be exciting as well! I will receive the award that I won for my work with the Air Force youth on Eielson AFB. What an honor!!!

AND... total change of topic... I won a contest with The Angel Company!!! It was called "flower power." And here it is!!! The mushroom hat made out of Frutti Fusion 8x8 paper pack! I covered it with contact paper on both sides, used a McCall's pattern, sewing it together, added a bit of ribbon and the lovely Prima flower!!! Fun ~ and cute! I would totally wear this!!!! :)

And if you are in for a bit of online shopping, check out my website for some GREAT deals on select 8x8 paper packs from The Angel Company that are retiring ~ only $3.50!!! Can't beat that! Get them while they last!!!!

Have a great day ~ and I'll write when I get home from Atlanta ~ in my new house!!!!!

Keep it inky,


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MIA?!!? Lost in boxes!!!

Oh my goodness! I have never packed sooo many boxes in my life!!! My craft room alone took over 50 boxes!!! Good grief! I guess that just means one thing... time for some more stamps! LOL
Well, I haven't had a chance to create any new cards or pages lately, so I guess that I will have to share some oldies but goodies and maybe just some fun photos... Let's see what I can find... (searching through the photo files...) ummm... something is going wrong with the upload photo feature of my blog!!! let me try again... Yeah! It worked!
OK, this is a picture of me all bundled up at the International Ice Art Championship in Fairbanks. Yes, I am talking on a REAL pay phone. It even worked. Nice ice phone booth!
This is the coolest art exhibit one will ever see. At night, they light up the ice art with bright lights and there are black backdrops behind the really large ice sculptures. It is sooo amazing!!! If you get a chance to head to Fairbanks, AK in March - you really should go!
OK - blogger is acting up tonight with the whole picture thing... so this will be all for tonight. I'll try to load some more tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Awna at tagged me! How fun!!! I have a short middle name ~ but not sure if this is going to be easy or not! LOL

The NAME GAME. The name of the game is to list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life, for each letter of your middle name. If you don't have a middle name, use the name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your middle name and game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.

L - LOVE my husband dearly! He means the absolute world to me! (augh!)
E - Eager (stole this one from Awna...) I am eager to please others or help out where I can!
E - Eloquent... I think that I am a pretty eloquent person ~ especially in the area of sewing!

TAG to!!!!
L - Laurie!
E - Expressive Rita! (OK, bit of a stretch! LOL)
E - Eva!

Ok ladies! Your turn! :)
Have fun!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Moving and stuff...

Well, in spite of the slumping housing market, we have been blessed to "sell" our house! It all didn't go exactly as planned ~ but it happened! So, we are excited!!! Now this means that we are going to have to move onto the base because we have renters in our other house and just can't bring ourselves to "kicking them out" after only a month of living there AND they have a baby... which is fine. We are headed to look at the first house that the base has offered us in just a few. Now, my rant about base housing rules and regs... PA-LEASE!!! Let's just make things a little bit more difficult and stressful! But, I am not complaining... the house is huge and we don't have enough furniture to fill it! Guess what that means!!! LOL More stamps! ROFL!!! Hey, we'll be having a moving party! I'll keep you posted! The more the merrier ~ and faster I can start stamping again!!! It's all about me, isn't it! LOL
Okey, here is an oldie, but goodie for you. This is my all time favorite stamp set from The Angel Company. Hello Seasons. Paper is DCWV. The snowman is paper pieced.
Have a great day!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Am I ever glad that the work day is over! Phew! I couldn't sleep last night ~ I can probably attribute that to too much coffee, too late in the day! But, it was this new Foldger's Gourmet vanilla biscotti. Yum!!! Anyway, I was pooped all day and DH is getting sick... you know what that means! LOL

I do have a post for you though! This was from the FUNshop that I had on Saturday. My friend Linda (she is a SU! consultant too! ) demoed this at our 12 hour crop at "Two Street Scrappers." It is a really cute candy bar pull. I thought that they were so cute and a great project to demo lots of tools!!! The paper is Kaliedoscope Brights, stamp from Too Spooky, candy bar by Hershey LOL ~ and I used my new Spellbinders to cut the circle behind the spider! Fun! Fun!!!

Before I sign off... if you have ever even kind of thought about hosting a FUNshop with The Angel Company ~ now is absolutely the time to do it!!!! Double hostess benefits and FREE TAC BAG (grab bag of stamps with a minimum $250 FUNshop order). Zowie!!! "Virtual" FUNshops are welcome too! What is a "virtual FUNshop?" Post a comment with your email and I will get back to you!!!! :)
And what about new demonstrators?!? Check this out! In addition to all the goodies in the starter kit for a fabulous price, get another $50 in TAC stamps of your choice and a FREE TAC Grab Bag of stamps!! AND to top that off, I am offering to sweeten your shipping charges with a gift certificate equal to your shipping charges for TAC goodies ~ from me!!!! Wowzers!!! APO/FPO, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico ... that is another $65 in TAC goodies for you!!! We ALWAYS get the raw end of the deal on shipping charges... LOL Want more details? email me at: stamp candy @ gmail . com (remove spaces)


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Are you EVER too old for Halloween fun?!

I don't think so!!!!! In fact, this year I have already been having too much fun! I think that it is in part due to the fun paper pack from The Angel Company, Simply Spooky. I love that the colors can be used for more than just Halloween, but then are also perfect for Halloween!!
Here is a doodlebug house that I covered. I still need to get a white light for my photo set-up! Oh well... at least it isn't blurry! LOL Anyway, this was so much fun to make!! I can't wait to do a Christmas/gingerbread looking house too! The stamp set I used is called Boo Bash, from TAC.

The Fall Supplement is up too!!! Check out the TAC website (click on Fall Supplement)! I love the Halloween and Thanksgiving sets - I want them all!!! BUT my absolute favorite is the Retro Reindeer set.

Also this moth is Double Hostess Benefits!!! Host a FUNshop with The Angel Company in the month of October and receive DOUBLE the 50% off items, DOUBLE the hostess stamp sets, and DOUBLE the FUN!!!! Customers also receive DOUBLE gift with purchase stamps!!! (with every $30 you spend, get two instead of one GWP stamp!!!) AND (how can there be more!!!) A few of the Designer Series 8x8 paper pads are only $3.50!!!! Check out Finger Paint, Country Cottage, Metropolis, and Lap of Luxury!!! AND a special Kaleidoscopes Paper Pack!!! It includes one each of the Kaleidescope Girlz, Boyz, (both 8x8) and Brights (12x12. PLUS an exclusive stamp set!!! I can email you a flyer if you are interested. (stampcandy @ gmail. com) *delete the spaces*

Okey, I think that is about all for now!! Oh!!! The Mystery Hostess party on Saturday went fabulous!!! I know that the mystery hostess is excited to pick her rewards!!!
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gearing Up for a WEEK!!!

I have a feeling that this week is going to be very busy and stressful, so I thought that I would post tonight instead ~ just in case I don't get a chance to later this week!

First of all... Saturday, Sept. 29th from 1 - 4 at my house in North Pole, I am hosting a Mystery Hostess party featuring The Angel Company! I haven't done a FUNshop in months and thought that this would be fun! :) Come on by if you are in the area! We will be making a couple cute little projects, munching on yummy delectables, and having fun!!!!

Santa's Reindeer...
This post is a special post for my friend Awna's little guy, Logan. I got word that he was really
digging the picture of the momma moose outside our house ~ and thought that he might like to see Santa's Reindeer! This is Dasher! Logan, he is eating lots of good reindeer food that he is ready for the long flight on Christmas Eve!!!

Cropping fun!
Yesterday was so much fun cropping at Two Street Scrappers! The theme for the crop was purple! We got little purple bags, purple CM stuff, etc. I actually did 6 pages too! That
included time to shop across the street, visit, eat, and teach a little project class. I am so glad that Kathy and Shelly have a studio for us to scrap at ~ what a blessing during the LONG winter!!!

Card to share!

Here is another Halloween card that I did. Again, that light isn't the greatest, but I will work on that! :)
Have a great week!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Another card!

Wow! I am on a roll this week!!! As promised, another Halloween card! I just love this set from The Angel Company. You're a Treat! is a treat to work with!!! I colored the little witch in with glitter Tsuniko gel pens. Photo was taken in my new light box - yeah! I totally need a white light. The yellow is too much - Dah! I suppose that I could photo shop it! LOL
Anyway... the paper is from TAC too. FUN!!!! Simply Spooky 8x8. It has the most fun color combos and can be used for just about anything (well, maybe not the paper with bats on it! LOL). I used my scallop punch and while gel pen to do all the little doodles. I did actually dust off my sewing machine too and did a bit of stitching on it.

Talking of sewing machines... well, let me back up... I love sewing and have been sewing since I was 9 (4-H!) ~ even though I don't do much sewing at the moment. I always had a dream of being a famous fashion designer and even have a degree in fashion design. Then, I decided that I wanted to be a college instructor, preferably a sewing instructor (OK, I wasn't ready to quit the college partying!!! LOL) - so I got this crazy masters degree in Information Processing and Communication ~ yeah - I really don't even know what I am supposed to do with that BUT it did get me in the door teaching ~ only computer classes! LOL But I have been a quilting instructor, sewing instructor, and (now to the point!) have a lovely collection of sewing machines!!! This is a page I did of one of my antique Singers. It was my first "antique" purchase when we lived in England. Other than my two antique Singers, I am a Pfaff groupie. I got my first Pfaff when I was costuming "The Man of La Mancha" for a local theatre in Billings, MT. My sewing machine had laid an egg and when I took it into the sewing shop to get fixed ~ the guy offered me $300 bucks for my machine towards the purchase of an industrial Pfaff. No brainer! My "dead" machine cost about $150 new ~ so my love of Pfaff began and the costumes got finished in time! :)
Sorry, I am just blabbing along!!! BUT I have to tell you about the new isle that I fell in love with at JoAnn's tonight! The "appliqué" isle! I found some of the coolest iron on appliqués!!! How fun to use on a scrapbook page!!! And t-shirts were only $3! So, I picked a few t-shirts up, got a few appliqués and am going to do a little t-shirt altered project hopefully this weekend and experiment with the appliqués at the crop tomorrow!
OK, I am done... I promise! Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I made this little guy maybe last Halloween!?!? But I love how he turned out!!!! The set is a retired set from The Angel Company. His clothes are paper pieced. Simple ~ fast ~ and fun!!!! The bats are stamped on twill tape.
I have some new cards to post for Halloween too - I'll get those up soon. Halloween isn't really my cup of tea, but I do LOVE dressing up! And making cute little cards are fun too! Any reason to paper craft, right?!?
I am getting all geared up for a 12 hour crop on Saturday at the fabulous Two Street Scrappers studio in Fairbanks!!! I am sooo excited!!! DH is in Anchorage again this weekend, so I can play!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!!
It is one of those "don't blink" times in Interior Alaska... Fall! The leaves turned and are starting to fall. And momma and baby moose all over the place!!! I saw 6 moose yesterday! "Daft" is the only real word that I can think of that truly describes moose. This one was licking the front of our garage as I came home from work one day ~ I think that she thought that it was a salt lick... Daft! LOL

Monday, September 17, 2007

They Are Here! Nestabilities!

Wow!!! They are finally here!!!!! I came home for lunch today and should NOT have checked the mail!!! I just wanted to stay home and play with my new Nestabilities by Spellbinders. I got them from Papertrey Ink. Well, it took me about an hour of playing with different shims and things to fill in as a shim with my Big Shot, but I think that I finally got it - the cutting part anyway. The embossing part not so much... yet! I need to get the magnetic holder thing, then I should be in business. I am going to play now. Maybe I will get something done to post. :)
OHHH! And my handy dandy cutie-pie DH built me a 14x14 box. What?!
We put white foam core on the inside on all four sides and attached a clip lamp to the front... and I got myself a well lit box to take great picts!!! I need to get a white light bulb because I am getting a bit of yellow - but here is my set-up. :)
Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Old McDonald Had A Farm!

E-I-E-I- O! :)
This was so fun to make - and really easy! I found a barn shaped birdhouse at JoAnn's on clearance and the stamp set is from The Angel Company. Farm Fun. I stamped them with Staz On black on foam core board and then cut them out with a retractable knife. Glue dots are keeping them in place and in the barn! I used Pantone/Tria markers to color the pig and the rooster. The barn is painted with acrylic paints. I think that it turned out pretty darn cute!
Hope that your weekend is going well!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I just couldn't resist scrapbooking this photo that my friend Billie sent this morning!!! This is a picture of her twin boys at a rodeo in Montana. Thanks for the photo, Billie! I had a blast making this layout!!!
The CS is all DCWV. Red star is fun foam that used to be a little treat bag, from Michael's $1 bin. I found the font for RODEO at The stamps are all from The Angel Company, Wild West. I got to play with my new Copic markers tonight too!!! I LOVE them!!! They color so very nice. I still have to get used to the brush tip though ~ used them to color all of those little horseshoes. The little lasso over the top of the star was made using brown Scrappers' Floss. I stamped the brown CS, making a background with Burnt Umber Palette ink. Then, I sanded it down to distress it. Sorry about the glare on the photo. Next purchase must be a set-up to take better photos! Oh Santa!!!

Shout Outt!!!! & "Military Life..." (sigh)

Just wanted to give a "Shout Out!" to Allison for listing my blog in her "Newly Discovered" section on her blog!!!!! Very cool! Thank you Allison!!! She has an awesome blog! She lists blogs, blog candy, blog challenges, etc. in addition to some very cool art work! Add her to your daily dose of blog surfing, you won't be sorry!!!

Military Life... sigh...
Well, as it goes with "being married to the military," there comes a time that we all get those PCS orders and have to move onto a new location... I always feel like I am the one being left behind, but know that it will be my turn sooner than later. Blessings are many of this life - like having a huge support group of spouses, friends all over the world, absolute pride when DH puts those dress blues on... getting to move about every three years... one of those "blessings" that has many facets... I just wanted to ask for prayers for my friend "Rels" and her family as they get ready to take on the "lower 48" in a much warmer location!
And let's not forget about our deployed troops and families at home that need our prayers and support too. :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

They're Here!!! My new Markers!!!!

I bet you would have never thought that a girl's eyes could light up so big at the sight of markers!!! Well, my box of Copic markers arrived today from Dick Blick and I was sooo excited! I just want to go and stamp something so that I can color it in!!! I wasn't going to purchase any because I have a GREAT stash of Berol and Pantone markers from my days fashion design days ~ but what girl can't resist an awesome sale!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!

Here is a pict of a decopauge tissue box that I made this weekend ~ and my latest insane project... First, the tissue box is a wood box covered with paper... I made a whole bunch of things (covered jumbo paper clips, covered lampshade, photo fram etc.) to decorate my booth with at a Holiday Craft Fair that I will be at in November. I am very excited!!! It is my first BIG TIME craft fair!!! Wish me luck! :)
I covered some printed paper from The Angel Company with contact paper and made a mushroom hat. I love it! In fact, I made two (about three weeks ago...) and sent one in for a contest entry to The Angel Company!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!!!!

Well, DH extended the Blog Candy Competition for another couple days because his post had competition with my excitement and post about getting published in "Take Ten." LOL
BUT... the first post was still his favorite. It made him chuckle! LOL So, Nancy Grant is our winner!!!
No card to show today. :( Having a day off work just makes the rest of the week more difficult playing catch-up and I am pooped!!!!
And poor Rhett, the poodle... he had to visit Dr. Lovely today (the vet and that is really her last name! LOL) He had a cherry eye and got his teeth cleaned. He just gave me a big hug when I picked him up. It was ever so cute. And Scarlet is ignoring me because she had to stay home by herself today, without Rhett. This too shall pass! LOL
OK, off to make some dinner! I made homemade Salsa on Monday and it is very yummy. So, taco salad for dinner! Any excuse to have Salsa!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

(SCREAM!!) I got published!!!!!

I am still in utter shock!!!! I sat down to look through the latest "Take Ten" issue from the Stampers Sampler - and to my SURPRISE, page 46 has THREE of my cards!!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!! I'll post a picture later - I am still too much in shock to work the camera or the scanner! LOL UPDATE... got the scanner on and here is the page!!!! ;)
In celebration - I am really putting goodies together for the "BLOG CANDY" package from the previous post (scroll down to Hottie Hubbie). So - don't miss your chance!!! Leave a comment on the post below about your favorite movie star!!!
UPDATE: Here is a short list of the "Blog Candy" that can be yours, just for a post!!! New Paper Crimper, New video on faux leather, Heidi Swapp journaling pads, clear bubble tags, CM mini packs, and more! :)
Happy Labor Day!!!!
Inky hugz,

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hottie Hubbie! & Blog Candy!!!

BUSTED!!!! DH was viewing my blog on our new flat screen monitor - from WalMart, great price - and noticed that I had written about Anderson Cooper and Nick from BB8 House... and not about him... SO (as he is standing over my shoulder as I type this...) here is my hottie hubby!!! I fell in love with him the first time he picked on me at like age 5... Doesn't he look the coolest on his hot rod bike?! This is from his trip to Anchorage at the beginning of the month - the Denali Highway. Oh! This lady at our local "Harley Diner" told me that he looked like Garth Brooks!!! I almost lost it laughing - but he doesn't let me forget it - and puffs his chest out every time we go there to eat!!! LOL I think that he looks like Dean Cane, myself! Either way, my hottie hubby is my best friend - and #1 supporter of all my crazy crafting!!!
OK blogging buddies!!! He just threw out a prediction... he said that this post will get more comments then any other post (don't have much competition - I think 2 might be my highest! LOL) So!!! I think this calls for some BLOG CANDY!!!!!! Who is your secret movie star crush?! Post a comment by Monday - and DH says he will pick the comment he likes the best and the winner will receive a stash of goodies!!!!
Have a great evening!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

OH!!! I almost forgot!!! News to Share!!

This is kind of work related, but cool anyway, I think...
I am a 4-H Youth Development Agent/Educator in Alaska and have worked with our Air Force bases in the state for the past three years. Eieslon AFB youth programs totally rocks and we have gotten some pretty prestigious awards over the past couple years - like Program of the Year from Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Annie E. Casey Award through BGCA for our deployment efforts for youth and families, and now on the 4-H side of the house, my part of the Eielson youth programs, received the 4-H/Air Force "Aim High" Award!!! Whoo-hoo!!! It was pretty cool to get a phone call from the Pentagon congratulating me! OK, so it was an acquaintance through 4-H/Air Force youth programs that called, but he still is at the Pentagon! LOL And I get to go to Atlanta in October to a national 4-H conference and receive my award - and they are helping with some of the travel expenses. Very cool!!! OH!! And even better - we are staying in the OMNI/CNN building - so I have this little crush on Anderson Cooper - I think that I will have to seek him out for an autograph and photo! LOL
OH!! And we will only be three blocks from the Atlanta Mart!! Shopping!!! YEAH!!! These are the instances that I miss working downtown LA at the Fashion Mart - but I don't miss the traffic!
OK, have a great weekend!!!

Where Did August Go????

I can't believe that next weekend is Labor Day already!!!! What happened to the month of August?!?!
Just a reminder, speaking of August, if you are interested in getting your "Angel Wings" by becoming a demonstrator with The Angel Company, this month - I am offering new angels who sign with me - FREE SHIPPING on their starter kit! And this month The Angel Company is offering a Level C & Level D hostess set!! This is HUGE!!!! AWESOME!!!!
Let's see, I received the latest "Scrapbooking with Lisa Bearnson" book and mini scrapbook from QVC. It was pretty fun. I also received the new CARDS magazine this week too. AWESOME artwork in there!
So far, still Saturday morning, and not much completed yet... not even the house completely cleaned... don't you hate it when you know that you HAVE to clean, but totally don't want to!!! LOL
Here is an oldie, but goodie... It uses the set from The Angel Company called Everything Nice. CS is from DCWV, the little gone fishing sign is actually from a retired set - Grandpa's Cabin. The fish hanging from the fishing pole is from Camp Out. Colored with Prismacolor colored pencils and the Dove Blender pen. This Dove Blender pen rocks because you can refill it and change out the tip - it is awesome to use!! (I think that I have used awesome enough in this post! LOL)
Today I hope to get a DoodleBug house covered and decorated... we'll see how the crafting mojo kicks in! Maybe it is the lack of coffee?!?! Speaking of coffee (and I continue to ramble!), Burger King has the BEST TURBO coffee! It is some seriously strong coffee with a kick! I am addicted! $1.59 too, can't beat that!!!
Hey! And a shout out to new angels and newly promoted Team Leaders!!! Welcome!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yeah for the Weekend!

I guess you know it has been a long week when Saturday morning hits and you either stay in bed for a few more hours OR you jump out of bed with vigor and can't wait to get things going to the playing can begin!!! I picked to jump out of bed... maybe not with so much vigor, but now that I have some caffeine in my blood, I am feeling some energy coming alive! LOL
Here is a little share... This one uses all products from The Angel Company. It was a fast and fun one! :)
Sorry this one is short, but I have to get the house cleaned and then off to go scrapping for the afternoon! YEAH!!! AND then we are having a going away party for a friend who is moving to Arizona. What a shock to the system that will be this winter! Anyway, a bunch of silly girls out on the town in Fairbanks, AK. Should be interesting, especially since most of us have never even been to a bar in Fairbanks!!! I would much rather have had a going away crop! LOL

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rainy dayz make stampin' dayz!

This week and weekend were kinda gloomy. Today the sun decided to shine and it was beautiful out! I did take advantage of the rainy dayz though to do some projects.
This first one is a little box for my hubby to put his pictures of his road trip from this last weekend. The paper is from the DCWV Rock Star Stack layered on top of some orange. The stamp is from a Harley Davidson set that I got a couple of years ago. This is just the coolest paper pack!!! I am thinking that Halloween cards might be really fun and different out of this stack!

This next one is an ATC that I did for a swap. I used two sets from The Angel Company - Circle Sampler and Wild West. Cardstock is DCWV and some solid brown from!?!?!? OH! and I used new paper from The Angel Company!!! I love this new one!!! It is called Winchester. The colors are yummy!!!!!!!
TGIW!!! Thank God is it Wednesday!!!!!!!
Keep on inkin!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lazy Weekend!

Isn't a lazy weekend just what the Dr. ordered sometimes?!?!? Not a completely lazy weekend, I did get some crafting in and today read a book. "Pearl Jinx." (by Sandra Hill) It was pretty cute.

Here is a card that I made this last spring. I need to take some picts of my recent projects... anyway, the paper is from Whimsy Blossoms, designed by friend Mabelle. To make the diamonds (idea cased from a Creating Keepsakes layout - can't remember which month though) I cut strips of patterned paper and glued them side by side onto white CS. Then, I got out my trusty quilting rulers and cut me some diamonds. It was fun and I think it turned out pretty cute, too! :)

This one I did for a recent swap! I used Surf Shoppe from TAC and one of the new TAC stamp sets, Everyday Events to create this fun and totally easy card! I used Pantone markers to color the image and the flowers are Prima.
Hope that the weeks starts out "enjoyable!"

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hello August!!!!

Being part of The Angel Company is such a totaly blessing in my life!!!! AND I want to share that blessing with you!!! Now is a"stamptastical" (thank you Awna for the new word!LOL) to join TAC!!! During the month of August, in addition to the best starter kit around, new demonstrators will recieve a hostess Level C and Level D stamp set! Sorry that I don't have picts right now, but trust me - these two sets are "stamptastical!" AND through the month of August, I have a special for new demonstrators that sign up with me ~ FREE shipping on your starter kit!!! I will pay YOU for the cost of shipping for your kit! Now, you can't beat that!!!!
If you are interested or have questions, shoot me an email - I would love to answer them.
Here are a few things that go with being a demonstrator with The Angel Company:
*Sa-weet commission plan
*Awesome demonstrator discounts!
*EASY Quota - $100 minumum every FOUR months
*FUN contests for demonstrators!!!
I DARE YOU to ask me why being an angel is more fun!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big Brother Takes an Unexpected Turn!!!!

Wowzers!!!!! I am in total shock... I have totally gotten sucked into watching Big Brother this season - I watched towards the end last season because "chill town" was so totally funny - but this season I think that "hottie Nick" makes viewing lovely! LOL And now he is up for eviction!!! I guess if he goes I don't have to watch anymore. Ha! ha!!!

Ok - enough about that... onto some more serious stuff... like stamping!!!! So, this one I did last fall. It was for The Angel Company's Leadership Retreat. Using a protractor, I drew circles with a blue marker and then stamped the with little stamps around the circle portions - and used a square stamp in the middle. Then, I chopped the circle in half. Pretty fun!

DH comes home tomorrow from his HOG run. I am really glad and so are the dogs! Hmmm.... how on earth have I not posted a pictures of Rhett and Scarlet on here yet? Guess it is time!!! These are my "babies." Rhett is the blond one and Scarlet is the polka dotted one. This is Rhett's first birthday. We got them cupcakes and decorated them with Scooby Doo sprinkles. They shared a small cupcake. It was pretty sweet!!! Stamps are from The Angel Company (Fun Alpha) and the paper and other embellishments are from K & Co - Neapolitan. Love it!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Over Already!!!

The weekends seem to fly by so fast!!! I did have a great weekend though! Sent hubby off on a motorcycle run to Anchorage - he is in HOG heaven! He has a Harley that he barely gets to ride so he was more than excited for the seven hour journey to Anchorage!
So, with DH out and about, I got down to some serious crafting! This one was done using Tutti Frutti from TAC and a new hostess set, Partridge. Fast and easy!!!!!!
This next one if from awhile ago - but I had to put it up here because it has a funny - I think anyway - story to go with it! I am sooo not a sports fan... last year my DHs team made it to the super bowl - Da Bears! Being the loving and supportive wife that I am (OK, the guy has been a Bears fan since "The Super Bowl Shuffle" days and I couldn't resist stirring up the pot!), I just had to root for the Colts because they had the best looking quarterback between the two teams!!! At about this same time, I had a hostess who has three boys (two college, one HS) that all play football with team colors of red, white, and blue. The Colts are blue and white - Peyton Manning is pretty cute - and I LOVE the name Peyton - so the "Valentine for Peyton Manning" was created! Well, I didn't actually send the Valentine - and my DH is WAYYYYYYYY cuter that Peyton Manning, but I have decided that we can name our first born Peyton - great name for boy or girl! LOL

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Friday!!!!!! TGIF!!!

OKey, first... did you hear about that CAT at the nursing home that knows when someone is about ready to pass away?!?! That is amazing and really weird all at the same time... Check out the link to The Today Show on NBC...

And now - onto some FUN stamping stuff!!! This is a picture of my cutie-pa-tootie niece (she is totally always running 100 mph too).
I love this picture of Sage! She looks so sweet!
The letters are chipboard Creative Elements, ABC Frameworks from The Angel Company. The cardstock is also from The Angel Company - Kaleidoscope Brights. I embossed the letters with sparkle embossing powder too. The clip is from Office Max - it is one of those HUGE black bulldog clips. I tied ribbon up both sides, tying the clip handles together. The clip is covered with patterned paper and decorated too. I demonstrated this little project at The Angel Company's seminar the end of June. This one is soo easy! I learned how to make the picture holder at a scrapbooking studio that I hang out at in Fairbanks, Alaska. Two Street Scrappers is the studio's name. It is the most terrific place in Fairbanks ~ and has the most fabulous ladies that hang out there!!! It surely helps the long winters go by.
Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Christmas in July!

It is WAYYY too early for me to even imagine thinking about snow and winter in Alaska!! But, this new little penguin set from The Angel Company (it is a hostess set that you can earn!!!) is just too cute!!! Sorry for the amateur picture, I need to get a better set-up... I used a Cuttlebug embossing die for the snowflakes - LOVE IT!!!. The paper is from The Angel Company. It is called Merry Wishes. I love the fun, bright colors!!! I also used my new Marvy scallop circle punch. I love it too!!! The fluff on the hat is liquid appliqué and I colored the cutie-pa-tootie with my Pantone markers.
I just finished up 9 sets of cards for a swap! Phew!!! I'll post them throughout the next week. Some I like, some are just OK for me... But, I got to ink up my new rubba' and that was all that mattered!!! LOL
Here is one more for tonight, just in case I forget to post in the next few days - like that has ever happened before! (joken'...) This one I also used a Cuttlebug die for the swirls and then sanded the paper. The paper is DCWV, used a VersaCraft ink spot for the hearts and and distressing of the circles. This heart is also from one of our new hostess sets. Too cute!!!
Well, that is all for tonight!
Sweet dreams!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wow! Contest Winner!!! Woo-hoo!!!

One of my first posts was a picture of a "sneak peak" that I mentioned I had sent into The Angel Company for a contest. Well, I won!! woo-hoo! The contest was called WoW! In honor of The Angel Company's 10 year anniversary, I made them a cake. Now, not just any cake - a paper crafted cake!!! The cake base is made of round hat boxes, covered with Kaleidoscope Brightes cardstock from The Angel Company. Flowers are from Heidi Swapp, I used a white Signo pen to draw the white doodles all over, Doodle Bug paper posies, colored spirals, Doodle Bug Raspberry flower sequins, stickles, and Handbags and Tags Creative Components from The Angel Company. I covered the flowers from this with Sunshine Yellow Palette ink. The white trim around the cake top and bottom of each layer is pleated white card stock. The pink bows on the bottom layer are made from paper from the Kaleidoscope Brights paper pack too. Phew! It was a totally fun project, but took some time as well.
I have been stamping away at a swap with my fellow "angels" of new stamp sets. I'll try to post some of those picts as I finish up - and will of course share when I get my swaps in return.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Wow! After taking forever to get to Kansas City for The Angel Company seminar, the weekend flying by, I am home now. AND still drooling over the new catalog!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!

It looks like they are still updating the website for ordering - I'll let you know when all is good to go!

In the meantime, here is a picture of a project from seminar featuring some of our new paper ~ Toodle-Loo!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

OK... still not a good start!!! LOL

Alright!!! So, I LOVE to surf for blogs, but can't seem to get my up and off of the ground! Well, tonight, that shall change!!!
Here is a pict of a little thing that I have been working on. It is just a peak, because... ummm... well, I am hoping that it wins a TAC contest! I'll let you know as soon as I find out - and then you can see the whole picture. Check it out!!! I loaded my first picture too!!!

THE ANGEL COMPANY Seminar is this week!!!
I am so totally excited!!! I fly out on Tuesday morning. A vacation and some fun!!! Trust me, it is long over due!

Let's hope that this is the start of something good!
Inky hugz!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

OKEY! Off to a not so good start! LOL

Well, so much for jumping onto the "blogging" bandwagon! Hopefully I will have time to start doing better! I must say though that I have fun frequenting a a whole bunch of angel blogs! What creative girls!!!
This week I am in Chicago at the CYFAR (Children Youth and Families at Risk) conference for work (my day job). Today I have been in a class all day learning about blogs, (place to search for blogs), Facebook (like MySpace), Skype - cool place for making phone calls from your computer and IMing, - you can take you "favorites" with you everywhere, and much more! It has been a great class!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stamp Candy Scramping Blog!

Well, I am jumping onto the blogging bandwagon! I hope that I can keep up with my own expectations - and yours! :) Here we go! Let me start by telling you a bit about myself...
My name is Candi Dierenfield. I am a demonstrator for The Angel Company. I LOVE creating paper crafts and am a total crafting junkie!!! Living in Alaska has helped to perpetuate this addiction. I live outside Fairbanks, AK in the town of North Pole.
I LOVE to share ideas, feed off of others ideas, and I love The Angel Company!!! I hope that you find fun projects ideas on this site as well as maybe some new techniques. It might not all be paper crafting all of the time - I might throw some sewing, quilting, crochet, or knitting projects into the mix ~ but all in all, crafts!!!!!
I do have a website where you can see all of the awesome things that The Angel Company has available. And I will refer to the site so that you can see the products as often as I can.
You can also visit The Angel Company's home website for TONS of paper crafting ideas and inspiration!!!
Oh! I also forgot to mention that I am mommy to two cutie-pie toy poodles. Rhett and Scarlet ~ yes, I LOVE "Gone With The Wind" too... anyway you will more than likely get to see picts of them as well... just because they are so darn cute!!!
Thanks for joining me in my new endeavor!!!
Inky Hugs,
Candi Dierenfield
Manger, The Angel Company
Team Stamp Candy