Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yeah for the Weekend!

I guess you know it has been a long week when Saturday morning hits and you either stay in bed for a few more hours OR you jump out of bed with vigor and can't wait to get things going to the playing can begin!!! I picked to jump out of bed... maybe not with so much vigor, but now that I have some caffeine in my blood, I am feeling some energy coming alive! LOL
Here is a little share... This one uses all products from The Angel Company. It was a fast and fun one! :)
Sorry this one is short, but I have to get the house cleaned and then off to go scrapping for the afternoon! YEAH!!! AND then we are having a going away party for a friend who is moving to Arizona. What a shock to the system that will be this winter! Anyway, a bunch of silly girls out on the town in Fairbanks, AK. Should be interesting, especially since most of us have never even been to a bar in Fairbanks!!! I would much rather have had a going away crop! LOL

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Nancy Grant said...

Hope you had fun cleaning...I haven't started my weekend cleaning yet. You are welcome to fly up and keep me company...are you handy with a mop? Just joking.