Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MIA?!!? Lost in boxes!!!

Oh my goodness! I have never packed sooo many boxes in my life!!! My craft room alone took over 50 boxes!!! Good grief! I guess that just means one thing... time for some more stamps! LOL
Well, I haven't had a chance to create any new cards or pages lately, so I guess that I will have to share some oldies but goodies and maybe just some fun photos... Let's see what I can find... (searching through the photo files...) ummm... something is going wrong with the upload photo feature of my blog!!! let me try again... Yeah! It worked!
OK, this is a picture of me all bundled up at the International Ice Art Championship in Fairbanks. Yes, I am talking on a REAL pay phone. It even worked. Nice ice phone booth!
This is the coolest art exhibit one will ever see. At night, they light up the ice art with bright lights and there are black backdrops behind the really large ice sculptures. It is sooo amazing!!! If you get a chance to head to Fairbanks, AK in March - you really should go!
OK - blogger is acting up tonight with the whole picture thing... so this will be all for tonight. I'll try to load some more tomorrow.

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Nancy Grant said...

Oh, I tried to leave a comment last Friday but our internet connection was acting up.

What a cool photo! I'd love to make it down to see all the ice sculptures and check-out all the sites.

My thoughts are with you as you pack, move, and then unpack. I've moved so much that I know exactly how stressful and tedious that it can be.