Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Friday!!!!!! TGIF!!!

OKey, first... did you hear about that CAT at the nursing home that knows when someone is about ready to pass away?!?! That is amazing and really weird all at the same time... Check out the link to The Today Show on NBC...

And now - onto some FUN stamping stuff!!! This is a picture of my cutie-pa-tootie niece (she is totally always running 100 mph too).
I love this picture of Sage! She looks so sweet!
The letters are chipboard Creative Elements, ABC Frameworks from The Angel Company. The cardstock is also from The Angel Company - Kaleidoscope Brights. I embossed the letters with sparkle embossing powder too. The clip is from Office Max - it is one of those HUGE black bulldog clips. I tied ribbon up both sides, tying the clip handles together. The clip is covered with patterned paper and decorated too. I demonstrated this little project at The Angel Company's seminar the end of June. This one is soo easy! I learned how to make the picture holder at a scrapbooking studio that I hang out at in Fairbanks, Alaska. Two Street Scrappers is the studio's name. It is the most terrific place in Fairbanks ~ and has the most fabulous ladies that hang out there!!! It surely helps the long winters go by.
Have a great weekend!!!


Nancy Grant said...

what a great photo project. The style is so you!

I've never been in Fairbanks other than the air port. I'll have to check out Two Street Scrappers when I finally do get a chance to vacation in FAI.

Angela said...

TFS these!! I loved them at seminar. I even bought some after seminar. Now, if I could just get into my room to make them!