Saturday, August 25, 2007

OH!!! I almost forgot!!! News to Share!!

This is kind of work related, but cool anyway, I think...
I am a 4-H Youth Development Agent/Educator in Alaska and have worked with our Air Force bases in the state for the past three years. Eieslon AFB youth programs totally rocks and we have gotten some pretty prestigious awards over the past couple years - like Program of the Year from Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Annie E. Casey Award through BGCA for our deployment efforts for youth and families, and now on the 4-H side of the house, my part of the Eielson youth programs, received the 4-H/Air Force "Aim High" Award!!! Whoo-hoo!!! It was pretty cool to get a phone call from the Pentagon congratulating me! OK, so it was an acquaintance through 4-H/Air Force youth programs that called, but he still is at the Pentagon! LOL And I get to go to Atlanta in October to a national 4-H conference and receive my award - and they are helping with some of the travel expenses. Very cool!!! OH!! And even better - we are staying in the OMNI/CNN building - so I have this little crush on Anderson Cooper - I think that I will have to seek him out for an autograph and photo! LOL
OH!! And we will only be three blocks from the Atlanta Mart!! Shopping!!! YEAH!!! These are the instances that I miss working downtown LA at the Fashion Mart - but I don't miss the traffic!
OK, have a great weekend!!!


Nancy Grant said...

Congratulations on the fabulous news!!!

mabelle said...

Dear Candy

Congratulations!! This is so way exciting and I'm so happy for you!!

Hey girl, I read your blog each week, I love it. (you got a fan!)

Hugs from sunny Florida.