Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big Brother Takes an Unexpected Turn!!!!

Wowzers!!!!! I am in total shock... I have totally gotten sucked into watching Big Brother this season - I watched towards the end last season because "chill town" was so totally funny - but this season I think that "hottie Nick" makes viewing lovely! LOL And now he is up for eviction!!! I guess if he goes I don't have to watch anymore. Ha! ha!!!

Ok - enough about that... onto some more serious stuff... like stamping!!!! So, this one I did last fall. It was for The Angel Company's Leadership Retreat. Using a protractor, I drew circles with a blue marker and then stamped the with little stamps around the circle portions - and used a square stamp in the middle. Then, I chopped the circle in half. Pretty fun!

DH comes home tomorrow from his HOG run. I am really glad and so are the dogs! Hmmm.... how on earth have I not posted a pictures of Rhett and Scarlet on here yet? Guess it is time!!! These are my "babies." Rhett is the blond one and Scarlet is the polka dotted one. This is Rhett's first birthday. We got them cupcakes and decorated them with Scooby Doo sprinkles. They shared a small cupcake. It was pretty sweet!!! Stamps are from The Angel Company (Fun Alpha) and the paper and other embellishments are from K & Co - Neapolitan. Love it!!!

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Nancy Grant said...

Oh wow!! What a beautiful design! Amazing in style and stamping.

Can I case this?