Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!!!!

Well, DH extended the Blog Candy Competition for another couple days because his post had competition with my excitement and post about getting published in "Take Ten." LOL
BUT... the first post was still his favorite. It made him chuckle! LOL So, Nancy Grant is our winner!!!
No card to show today. :( Having a day off work just makes the rest of the week more difficult playing catch-up and I am pooped!!!!
And poor Rhett, the poodle... he had to visit Dr. Lovely today (the vet and that is really her last name! LOL) He had a cherry eye and got his teeth cleaned. He just gave me a big hug when I picked him up. It was ever so cute. And Scarlet is ignoring me because she had to stay home by herself today, without Rhett. This too shall pass! LOL
OK, off to make some dinner! I made homemade Salsa on Monday and it is very yummy. So, taco salad for dinner! Any excuse to have Salsa!!!

1 comment:

Nancy Grant said...

Yipee!!! I'm glad he had a chuckle from our comment. My husband will be happy to hear the news too!

Your poor puppies! Dinner sounds so good.