Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hottie Hubbie! & Blog Candy!!!

BUSTED!!!! DH was viewing my blog on our new flat screen monitor - from WalMart, great price - and noticed that I had written about Anderson Cooper and Nick from BB8 House... and not about him... SO (as he is standing over my shoulder as I type this...) here is my hottie hubby!!! I fell in love with him the first time he picked on me at like age 5... Doesn't he look the coolest on his hot rod bike?! This is from his trip to Anchorage at the beginning of the month - the Denali Highway. Oh! This lady at our local "Harley Diner" told me that he looked like Garth Brooks!!! I almost lost it laughing - but he doesn't let me forget it - and puffs his chest out every time we go there to eat!!! LOL I think that he looks like Dean Cane, myself! Either way, my hottie hubby is my best friend - and #1 supporter of all my crazy crafting!!!
OK blogging buddies!!! He just threw out a prediction... he said that this post will get more comments then any other post (don't have much competition - I think 2 might be my highest! LOL) So!!! I think this calls for some BLOG CANDY!!!!!! Who is your secret movie star crush?! Post a comment by Monday - and DH says he will pick the comment he likes the best and the winner will receive a stash of goodies!!!!
Have a great evening!!!


Nancy Grant said...

Uhhh.... my husband suggested home movies! So to be on the safe side I better say that my Andrew is my sweet hero of all our movies and I mean this in the cleanest of ways.

Nancy Grant said...

What a cool shot of your husband and his hot rod bike! I would of never guessed you all were into riding.

Trudy Osborn said...

LOL! This post made me laugh! What a great pic. My favorite star crush...hmmm, I don't have one at the moment, but Patrick Swaze was one for years.

Mary said...

OHHH with out a doubt..Tom Selleck!!!

NormaJ said...

Great photo of dh. I have been across the Denali road but on a bus! Years ago in our adventurous days, my hubby wanted to make a cross Canada trip on a bike. But his style is a Goldwing. And your hubby looks better in leathers. But
back then, ow-w-w-w he would have
been a hottie!
My past secret star was Michael Landon. He could tear my heart out with his emotion. Probably the same feeling your hubby feels out on the road. Just soaring.

Liz Aguilar said...

Tom Cruise in Top Gun, yeah where he is riding the motorcycle! Yeah, he's gone off the deep end but you gotta admit at least he show how much he loves Katie. I can see why your husband is proud of himself...Garth Brooks! My husband gets sad when people ask him about his daughter...Me!! I love it when they do.

Oh, by the way "Congrats" on getting published.

Liz Aguilar...Angel #1193, Texas

Misty Gott said...

I think that Matt Damon is hot! I love the bike pic!

Aimee said...

This post just cracked me up! (Great pic of your hubby on the bike too!) Hmmmm, movie star crush...and only one? :-) I have always had a thing for Andy Garcia. But, Everyone tells me that my hubby looks like Tim Robbins, so maybe I had better pick him. hahaha! Thanks for making me smile today!