Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Over Already!!!

The weekends seem to fly by so fast!!! I did have a great weekend though! Sent hubby off on a motorcycle run to Anchorage - he is in HOG heaven! He has a Harley that he barely gets to ride so he was more than excited for the seven hour journey to Anchorage!
So, with DH out and about, I got down to some serious crafting! This one was done using Tutti Frutti from TAC and a new hostess set, Partridge. Fast and easy!!!!!!
This next one if from awhile ago - but I had to put it up here because it has a funny - I think anyway - story to go with it! I am sooo not a sports fan... last year my DHs team made it to the super bowl - Da Bears! Being the loving and supportive wife that I am (OK, the guy has been a Bears fan since "The Super Bowl Shuffle" days and I couldn't resist stirring up the pot!), I just had to root for the Colts because they had the best looking quarterback between the two teams!!! At about this same time, I had a hostess who has three boys (two college, one HS) that all play football with team colors of red, white, and blue. The Colts are blue and white - Peyton Manning is pretty cute - and I LOVE the name Peyton - so the "Valentine for Peyton Manning" was created! Well, I didn't actually send the Valentine - and my DH is WAYYYYYYYY cuter that Peyton Manning, but I have decided that we can name our first born Peyton - great name for boy or girl! LOL

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Nancy Grant said...

What great cards and a fun story indeed!