Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shout Outt!!!! & "Military Life..." (sigh)

Just wanted to give a "Shout Out!" to Allison for listing my blog in her "Newly Discovered" section on her blog!!!!! Very cool! Thank you Allison!!! She has an awesome blog! She lists blogs, blog candy, blog challenges, etc. in addition to some very cool art work! Add her to your daily dose of blog surfing, you won't be sorry!!!

Military Life... sigh...
Well, as it goes with "being married to the military," there comes a time that we all get those PCS orders and have to move onto a new location... I always feel like I am the one being left behind, but know that it will be my turn sooner than later. Blessings are many of this life - like having a huge support group of spouses, friends all over the world, absolute pride when DH puts those dress blues on... getting to move about every three years... one of those "blessings" that has many facets... I just wanted to ask for prayers for my friend "Rels" and her family as they get ready to take on the "lower 48" in a much warmer location!
And let's not forget about our deployed troops and families at home that need our prayers and support too. :)


Allison said...

Thanks so much for linking me up Candi!

Nancy Grant said...

Prayers for your friend Rels.