Monday, September 10, 2007

They're Here!!! My new Markers!!!!

I bet you would have never thought that a girl's eyes could light up so big at the sight of markers!!! Well, my box of Copic markers arrived today from Dick Blick and I was sooo excited! I just want to go and stamp something so that I can color it in!!! I wasn't going to purchase any because I have a GREAT stash of Berol and Pantone markers from my days fashion design days ~ but what girl can't resist an awesome sale!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!

Here is a pict of a decopauge tissue box that I made this weekend ~ and my latest insane project... First, the tissue box is a wood box covered with paper... I made a whole bunch of things (covered jumbo paper clips, covered lampshade, photo fram etc.) to decorate my booth with at a Holiday Craft Fair that I will be at in November. I am very excited!!! It is my first BIG TIME craft fair!!! Wish me luck! :)
I covered some printed paper from The Angel Company with contact paper and made a mushroom hat. I love it! In fact, I made two (about three weeks ago...) and sent one in for a contest entry to The Angel Company!


Nancy Grant said...

Wow... that's a winner for sure Candi!!!!

Very creative!

Marlou said...

hi there, just found your blog through Allison. I was wondering could you let me know feedback on your new pens, everyone on the blogs are talking about them, I use tombow for colouring my stamps, i would be grateful if you can help :) many thanks

All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

you will love those markers chickie poo!