Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pictures and more!

Happy Christmas!!! DH and I have been playing "Chrismukkuh" this week! How fun! Not because one of us is Jewish and the other is Christian, just because we can... and because we are leaving tonight to visit our family ~ and why take our presents with us unopened?!?! LOL So, we have been giving each other a little something almost every day this week. I totally got spoiled, of course. :) And poor DH has to wait for the continuation of "Chrismukkuh" until we get back from Montana because a couple of his presents haven't gotten here yet. :(

Anyway... "Santa" did let me get a Cricut. The "expressions" one. I can't take it out of the box until we get back from our trip because all I'll want to do is play. So, it is sitting in front of the tree. DH did surprise me with a new camera though! Wow!!!! A Nikon D40. It is soo snazzy!!! A neighbor friend came over and gave me a brief lesson last night on how to use it. It takes the nicest photos! See!!!! DH took this one - me without glasses and a new haircut.

Also, here is a photo of the paper pieced Santa that I made. And one of the Christmas cards that I made for my Christmas card Stamp-a-stack. Next month we are going to have Birthday card stamp-a-stack, and make a perpetual calendar!

And I have been making topiary for Christmas presents. These are pretty fun ~ and easy. Great way to use up some of the millions of Prima flowers that I have!!! This one still needs some filling in ~ almost done! Good thing that I am seeing these girlfriends after Christmas!!!

The last picture is of some Christmas ornaments that I made for a little class. They are just like the ones that Basic Grey had a couple years ago with the Blitzen paper pack. Remember?! I thought that they were a lot of fun ~ but kind of frustrating. I taught 6 ladies how to make them and then 5 minutes later couldn't get mine to go together! LOL

Hope that you are getting your last holiday shopping done! We are going to finish up shopping for the kids and my nieces tomorrow when we get off the plane. Talk about last minute!!! I did get a couple things that we are taking back. I couldn't go all crazy shopping here because we are taking a cooler of halibut back with us and bringing back some antelope or something like that. I don't know... I don't eat it!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yes, I am still here... I don't have a really good excuse - well, you tell me if my excuses are enough to forgive me for not posting! LOL
We got a new computer and I have been trying to transfer files with this "supposed to be" really easy fire wire transfer. AUGH! Frustrating! It will happen though... I must be patient.
I must tell you about our new computer though. I spent an entire Saturday driving around Fairbanks computer shopping. Totally dismayed because I didn't want a new PC with Vista... yuck, yuck... and I really didn't want to pay retail price for a Mac. Hey, gotta use that "educator discount" whenever I can. So, I went home with the notion that I was going to the campus on Monday morning to order my computer at the Tech Center at UAF. I was getting excited to get a new "all in one" Mac. As I was lying in bed flipping through the channels that night, I hit QVC and they were showing their "deal of the day!" They had this fantastic package deal with Dell. Go figure! So, that is how I got my new Dell! I still want to get a new Mac, but I am going to have to wait maybe until my birthday - and maybe instead get a laptop. Even better!!!
I do have picts to post ~ I promise to get them up as soon as I can... gotta get those computers up and running!
Oh! must tell about my shopping in Kansas City. The conference was awesome (the REAL reason I was there...) It was for a program that I am working with through 4-H call Operation Military Kids. It is the great collaboration with a number of partners like the Army, American Legion, Boys and Girls Clubs, 4-H, etc. Anyway... just a little plug for the program... if you are a military family and are affected by military deployments ~ check out A number of states are doing a lot of wonderful things to help in supporting our families of a deployed solider!
Ok... back to shopping... I found Archivers. I actually left the store with a BOX full of goodies! Yes, a BOX! Christmas, doggie, and princess scrapping goodies - I am sure that would not surprise many that know me even a smidgen! lol
This past weekend I attended a holiday ornament exchange at the Two Street Scrappers studio in Fairbanks. I got the CUTEST Victorian style coin purse ornament. I was absolutely meant for me. :) No one even tried to steal it... good thing! LOL Saturday I attended my little friend DJ's first birthday party! We had a luau party - and even limboed. Wasn't that a site!!! Then, I want to my friend Ambers to scrapbook for a few hours. I actually didn't scrapbook, but made a Christmas picture. I will have to post more later on that... Freddie was gone all weekend to Anchorage helping a friend gut a condo. Now... how is it that DH will go 300+ miles to help a buddy to some serious manual labor, but I can't get him to finish putting "his" room together?!?! I am proud of him though ~ that does take a good friend to travel that far to do some crazy kind of work!
Dilemma... I have been really shopping around and reading up to see if I really would use a Cricket. Now that the larger size ones are on the shelves, I think that I might! Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Especially if you know of any smoken' deals! LOL ~ Thanks! ~
Hope that your holidays are merry!!!