Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yes, I am still here... I don't have a really good excuse - well, you tell me if my excuses are enough to forgive me for not posting! LOL
We got a new computer and I have been trying to transfer files with this "supposed to be" really easy fire wire transfer. AUGH! Frustrating! It will happen though... I must be patient.
I must tell you about our new computer though. I spent an entire Saturday driving around Fairbanks computer shopping. Totally dismayed because I didn't want a new PC with Vista... yuck, yuck... and I really didn't want to pay retail price for a Mac. Hey, gotta use that "educator discount" whenever I can. So, I went home with the notion that I was going to the campus on Monday morning to order my computer at the Tech Center at UAF. I was getting excited to get a new "all in one" Mac. As I was lying in bed flipping through the channels that night, I hit QVC and they were showing their "deal of the day!" They had this fantastic package deal with Dell. Go figure! So, that is how I got my new Dell! I still want to get a new Mac, but I am going to have to wait maybe until my birthday - and maybe instead get a laptop. Even better!!!
I do have picts to post ~ I promise to get them up as soon as I can... gotta get those computers up and running!
Oh! must tell about my shopping in Kansas City. The conference was awesome (the REAL reason I was there...) It was for a program that I am working with through 4-H call Operation Military Kids. It is the great collaboration with a number of partners like the Army, American Legion, Boys and Girls Clubs, 4-H, etc. Anyway... just a little plug for the program... if you are a military family and are affected by military deployments ~ check out www.operationmilitarykids.org A number of states are doing a lot of wonderful things to help in supporting our families of a deployed solider!
Ok... back to shopping... I found Archivers. I actually left the store with a BOX full of goodies! Yes, a BOX! Christmas, doggie, and princess scrapping goodies - I am sure that would not surprise many that know me even a smidgen! lol
This past weekend I attended a holiday ornament exchange at the Two Street Scrappers studio in Fairbanks. I got the CUTEST Victorian style coin purse ornament. I was absolutely meant for me. :) No one even tried to steal it... good thing! LOL Saturday I attended my little friend DJ's first birthday party! We had a luau party - and even limboed. Wasn't that a site!!! Then, I want to my friend Ambers to scrapbook for a few hours. I actually didn't scrapbook, but made a Christmas picture. I will have to post more later on that... Freddie was gone all weekend to Anchorage helping a friend gut a condo. Now... how is it that DH will go 300+ miles to help a buddy to some serious manual labor, but I can't get him to finish putting "his" room together?!?! I am proud of him though ~ that does take a good friend to travel that far to do some crazy kind of work!
Dilemma... I have been really shopping around and reading up to see if I really would use a Cricket. Now that the larger size ones are on the shelves, I think that I might! Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Especially if you know of any smoken' deals! LOL ~ Thanks! ~
Hope that your holidays are merry!!!

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Nancy Grant said...

OOOO... a MAC is so worth it.

Cricut? So much fun!!!!