Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crochet Hearts

I am really getting into the Valentine's mode here! I learned how to crochet hearts over the weekend - how much fun!!!!! First, here is a photo tutorial. There are tons of videos on YouTube as well. I watched a couple and came up with my heart pattern.Make your beginning loop and crochet 6 chains.Insert hook into chain next to hook and single crochet. Repeat this 4 additional times, so that you have completed 5 single crochets back down the chain.
Chain one and turn. Complete 5 single crochet. Chain one and turn. Repeat this step three more times so that you have completed 5 rows of 5 single crochet. Now you are going to work down the left side of the block. Turn block so that you will be working on the left side and insert needle into center of the side. Just kind of pick a spot - that is in the center. There aren't really any chain tops to use because this is a side. *Note - you will be completing a double crochet for your first stitch, so be sure to wrap the yarn around your hook one time before inserting the hook into the side of the block (not shown correctly in photo - I forgot to wrap the thread)
Complete this pattern: double crochet, chain one six times. This is creating the right top part of the heart.
Next slip stitch into the end stitch of this same side so to have an anchor for this part of the heart. Next is to turn the heart a quarter turn to the right - working on the left side. Insert hook into the third chain and complete the pattern six times (double crochet, single crochet)
Slip stitch into the last stitch on the end to anchor this left top part of the heart. To finish, cut a tail and pull the tail through the remaining loop on the hook. Pull snug.
I am having a ton of fun making these little guys! This one finished size is about 2" tall.
And now a project...
Here is a card that I made using stamps from The Angel Company (tm) and a tiny 1" heart. I stamped the background and distressed the paper using in and my new favorite too - this little pink Zutter Distrezz-it-all.
Close up of the crochet heart.
Wow! That had to be my longest post - ever!!!!! Hope you enjoyed it!
~ Candi ~

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Holly said...

You are an amazing artist, Candi!!! Love this card!