Sunday, April 27, 2008

STILL have SNOW! and other bits of info

Well, it snowed most of the day on Friday, started to melt yesterday, snowed some more last night, and the ground is still covered this am. Again, any extra sunshine that you might have... please feel free to bottle or box it and send it this way! LOL
Yesterday DH put together our new kitchen table and chairs. It looks soooo nice! The furniture store forgot to spray the protective stuff on the chairs, so someone is coming out today to fix that for us - talk about customer service!

So, I got the old kitchen table that someone gave us when they were moving... and it is downstairs in the craft "basement." Our old computer is set up on it with the Pazzle next to it and loving its new home! I played with the Pazzle yesterday, and made some scallop shapes, a sheriff's badge from the practice lesson, and learned how to use a few of the tools. Woo-hoo!

I am getting the craft "basement" readied for an 80's style going away party next Friday for my dear friend, Amy. I also have to get my 80's outfit ready. Look out fishnets and lace gloves! My hair is too short for a side pony tail, rats! LOL
These are a few cards that I did a couple months ago - using my favorite color combination of turquoise and brown. The stamps are from The Angel Company. I also used Stickles and my Copic markers for coloring.

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Nancy Grant said...

My favorite color combo too. :-) It all sounds like fun Candi!