Saturday, March 8, 2008

"It's a Girls Night Out ~ Honey There Ain't No Doubt!"

So, I am getting really excited for tonight... some girlfriends and I are having a girls night - not really out - but at one of our homes. It is a "Sex In The City" theme night. We are starting with season one and drinking girlie drinks... in our new Lolita Margarita glasses! But of course mine is a PINK princess glass!!! Being not much of a "drinker," I am sure that even water will be fun to drink out of this glass!!! Cuteness!!!!!! We have been planning this night for a month now... I can't wait to scrap it! (it always comes down to scrapbooking, doesn't it! LOL)
ok, back to the "Sex in the City" storyline... my friend Debbie in MT invited me to attend the "Sex in the City" movie preimier in New York with her and some other girlies in May. How fun would that totally be!!! A total "girls" weekend!!! It would be lots of fun, but alas, DH will be away at school ~ so momma has to stay home with puppies. Here's a fun question... which "Sex in the City" girl are you? Miranda? Carey? Samantha? Charlotte? Hmmm... Do you really think that Carey and "Big" are going to get married?
Onto some stamping news... I have been busy creating cards for swaps! I'll post photos. I know I always say that, but I promise, I will! :) I have to say that I have been so inspired by some of the new products on the market - that all I want to do is be in my crafting space ~ now if only the mailman would cooperate and bring my packages faster!
AND news from TAC! March and April are double benefits month! That means double half off items, double hostess stamp sets, and everyone gets double gift with purchase stamps with qualifying orders! Too much fun!!!!

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