Sunday, January 13, 2008

Waiting at the Airport

Alas, Leadership Conference is over and I am waiting at the San Antonio airport to catch my flight. The weekend FLEW by!!! So much fun!!! Good times. LOLHere we are at the hotel - my roomies and I. Well, half of my roomies! 6 of us shard two rooms - connecting rooms rock! LOL

My favorite project of the weekend was the sample ring of our punches. Using the negative of the punch, we made a sample ring. Great idea! then when you are trying to size a stamp up with a punch, you can lay the punch negative over the stamp to make sure that it will fit. How very cool!

What a fun weekend though! The weather was beautiful in San Antonio. Friends were abundant and inspiration was everywhere!!!

Our first night at the Menger, we decided that we needed to go ghost hunting. So, armed with our cameras, the 6 of us ventured out to the Emily Morgan hotel to try and catch a photo of the Emily. No luck. Then, we hung out at the Alamo visiting with the security guards until almost 2 am. No luck with ghost sightings there either. Then, back to the Menger to the infamous 2nd floor, original part of the hotel where most of the ghost sightings have been reported. No luck there either. The second night, the manager on duty did show us a very cool picture of a ghostly figure in a mirror from the 2nd floor. They called the girl Sarah. We never saw Sarah ourselves though. I don't know what I would have done if we had seen something though - scream! LOL It was fun though! Silly girls! :)

Back to the paper crafting... this was my most favorite idea of the weekend - using a hair band and a photo hanger embellishment. How cool!!! This is a mini album sample. We made a number of mini albums this weekend. I loved them all! Each one was simple, but chic. I can't wait to share them with my friends at home!!! And the new paper from The Angel Company is soo pretty and fun to work with!!! I'll post more pictures later. :)
The news of where seminar will be this summer was released as well. Wichita, KS - look out for angels coming your way in June! I haven't ever been to Wichita, but I am sure that it will be a blast! An event with The Angel Company could be just about anywhere and it would be fun!!!!


Nancy Grant said... exciting! You look great!

Can't wait to hear and see more!

mabelle said...

Sweet Candi ~ It was so awesome to see you at Retreat, we truly had a blast, girl!!! You look fabulous and is always so great to hang out with u.

Hugs from FL
~ mabelle