Friday, January 18, 2008

Cute Projects to Share

I am holding a sign that says "I have been blessed." This fs from the TAC retreat in San Antonio and we were listening to the Martina McBride song ~ "I Have Been Blessed." Blessings, abundances, they are all things that I very much appreciate in my life. It has been a bit of a long, rough, and emotional week in the Dierenfield house this week. So, I think that today I shall share my blessings...

1. My mother-in-law is healing from her surgery.
2. My DH got to go snowmachining this weekend with his AMMO buddies. He deserves a fun day!
3. It has warmed up and and snowed!!!
4. I get to use my new stamps this weekend!!!
5. My friends bring me joy!
6. My sweetie poodles give me unconditional loves and kisses - yucky!
7. The Lord is my Saviour.
I have been blessed! :)

Here is a pict of another project that we did last weekend. Well, we did one very similar... Ours we put into our new 3x3 page protectors and tied it with a bow through the post holes. Same idea though. Too cute, huh! The new flourish stamp sets are soooo cute!!!
Have a great weekend!
Happy stamping!


Nancy Grant said...

Those are awesome blessings!

All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

love getting to see you and chat!