Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Off to San Antonio with my Angel friends!

I know that the holidays were just upon us, but I am now just taking my much needed and I think well deserved "holiday break." I worked over most of the holiday break while the rest of the university was closed. But it was sooo worth it! Last Thursday, we held a youth mock deployment at Eielson for 50 youth! It was fantastically fun, despite a couple small minor glitches... like the cold weather wreaking havoc on the HUMVEE - it was frozen solid! The kids were "deployed" for the day, just like their active duty parent might go through when they get deployed. They got to learn how to maneuver the explosive ordinance disposal robots, had a mock transport mission on a KC135 (refueler plane), and learned about some coping skills that can help them during re-integration when their deployed parent returns home, got their faces painted camo style... the works! We also had a time at the end of the day where the kids were able to make welcome home signs for their deployed parents - or a friend's deployed parent, etc. The pride of being a military kid was rampant! :) My favorite part of the day was when the kids were all doing PT - jumping jacks, sit-ups, running, etc. Oh! And the message that the Vice-Wing Commander gave to the kids. It was fabulous!
Anyway, so I am off to San Antonio for a retreat with The Angel Company. It is always so fun to see everyone, share ideas, chit chat, and learn about new products. Nancey left a comment on the previous post that they might not recognize me without my glasses! LOL I didn't' even think about that - and to top it off, I have lost 30 lbs since October. OK... back to the topic at hand... I do have my new camera in my carry-on with me, my laptop, and a transfer cable... so hopefully I will be able to post some photos while we are at The Angel Company winter ESCAPE. I will miss all of you angels that can't be with us in San Antonio - but I know that you will be there in spirit... along with the other spirits at the Menger... LOL
Angels - be sure to check out Paper Wings forum for the ESCAPE online! Julie G. is hosting a fabulous project along with other talented angels! :)
Well, my flight is delayed... go figure! LOL At least I am on the last leg of my travels... sitting in the Dallas airport.

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Nancy Grant said...

Wow! Your mock day sounds like a memorable experience for all.

30 pounds! WOW! What an inspiration!!! I hope to see some of them photos!