Thursday, September 18, 2008

What A Day!!!!

Wow! Only word to describe today!!! It started out with a texty from my DH. He is home visiting his kids and mom in Montana. My step-son called him at 3am this morning to tell him that the high school was on fire. So, Fritz went down the street to the high school where a large crowd and 50+ volunteer firemen were trying to put out the fire at the high school... the very high school both my hubby and I graduated from, my step-son attends... so sad!!!! The worst part of the whole thing is that it was arson! Four teens (two arrested and two arrested and released to parents) are suspected to have started it... it makes me sad, mad, and all I can say is "wow." There was a fabulous Hall of Fame in the lobby area that had photos dating back to at least the 70s if not further back. Sports trophies, photos of friends and family, etc. I am sooo thankful that I attended my oldest step-sons graduation this spring so that I have current memories. It just seems that our great nation has been hit with one tragedy after another this year!
This week is also Homecoming week Ben Eielson HS! I might have mentioned it in my last post -but I am the Jr. Class Advisor - much fun!!! :) Their float is 50s theme and is soooo cute!!! I can't post any details yet - the parade is tomorrow - but I will put some pictures up if the juniors give me the OK. Some of them even invited me to be in the parade with them. They are such awesome kidos!

Okey - onto the stamping!!!! So, I ran home today to grad a camera to take picts of the Juniors while they were working on their float. And guess what DH didn't take with him, my camera! So, my plan for this weekend could have gone a planned! LOL So, tonight I took some picts instead.
The stamp set is a new one this year in the Fall catalog from The Angel Company. Joy of Christmas is my favorite new Christmas set. The cardstock is from the Bazill violets collection. I used my paper crimper, running the paper through both ways to make a gingham square like design. The green is from the Toodle Loo Soar With It Collection. I used Palette inks in Landscape and French Lilly. Of course no card is complete without "bling!" The berries got the "bling!" Can't see in the photo, but the tree is accented with crystal lacquer.
Hope that you have a fantastic weekend!!!!


Shawnel said...

I want that stamp. I love it.

Mary said...

Hey Candi - Was just doing some blog hopping and saw your story about the HS burning down and in MT? Where were you from? I remember hearing about a couple of things like that in the last while. Pretty sad. I am in Havre. 35 miles from the Canadian border and 110 mile NE of Gt. Falls.