Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Hi! I am back... I was in a bit of a blog slump in August. I am going to blame it on all the rain that we got - for like 20 day straight. I felt like I was back in England! It was crazy - all the flooding - it seemed as if the water would never go away! I haven't seen water like that even after break-up and the snow is all melting. Anyway, new month, new chapter - and life goes on! :)

I have to tell you about the awesome weekend that my DH and steps-on had! Fritzi (step-son) turned 16 this past week... OMGosh!... for years - DH has been planning the big "16" birthday surprise. So, in May, we bought airlines tickets for him to fly to Montana to surprise Fritzi - and then the two of them flew to Arizona for the weekend - and went to the Diamond Backs' baseball game (and Jessica Simpson performed that night at the game) and the Cardinal's Dolphin's football game (where Daughtry performed! I am sooo jealous!!! LOL) The real reason for the trip was the football game. Fritzi is a die-hard Dolphins fan. It sounds like they had a great time and I am sooo glad that it was a surprise!!! I wish I could have been there to see Fritzi's face when his dad gave him the tickets for the football game. My dad said that it was pretty cute. Augh...

Okey, so I had this whole weekend planned to take picts of card and stuff and then went to get my camera and it was gone! Gone to Arizona with DH! AUGH! I could have used an older one, but I am spoiled now... so hopefully I can find something on this computer to share! LOL

Hold on a second... I am going to go look! :)

I am back! Found one!!! Perfect time to share this oldie, but goodie from seminar a couple years ago with The Angel Company!

It is kind of hard to see, but the wings are made out of two hearts stamped end to end of vellum. I colored the image using Pantone markers (this was a couple years ago before Pantone changed to Tria), the paper is My Mind's Eye and TAC. Perfect timing for this card too because now until November 3rd is a terrific time to get your wings! The Angel Company is having a "Double Dip" promotion. Previously known as double hostess benefits time, Jubilee, etc... New angels, customers, and hostesses can double up on rubba!!!
ALSO... if you are in the Fairbanks area, this weekend is like last ditch before winter hits garage sale weekend!!! There is going to be a "craft" sale at the Fairbanks Senior Center from 9 - 2 on Saturday. (Turn by Dinty's). I will have TONS of stamps, awesome grab bags of paper, magazines, and more that really need a new home before winter!

This is one of those weeks too!!! It is Homecoming week at our high school. Don't know exactly how... but this year I am the Jr. Class Advisor. Hmmm... I couldn't resist when they asked. I told them that I would do it only if they got me a tiara for prom! LOL I tell you what - I am having fun! I didn't really get into the whole thing when I was in high school - maybe float decorating, but I think that I kind of skipped a lot of the rest of it because I was busy with 4-H, volunteering, working, looking for trouble (not me! LOL), etc. Their float theme is the 50's. Their ideas is way cute - I hope that it all pans out!
Well, enjoy your week!!!

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