Monday, February 21, 2011

Where Are You?

Wow! What a month!!! I can't believe that it is Feb 21st already...
I traveled for work the first two weeks of the month and then last week zoooomed by... Where did February go?
Stay tuned though!!! Feb 23 (Wednesday) is my day as guest designer for the YOU Make February Fabulous party with The Angel Company on their Savvy Projects blog. Heather is guest designer today! Sooo cute!!!
We received about 16" of snow so far this weekend. Hubby has been digging the neighbors out - he loves his 4-wheeler with the plow! I shoveled a little path for Rhett and Scarlet so that they could get to their favorite tree outside. There are 3 foot snow walls on each side of their little path - but they don't get all covered in snow now. LOL
Happy Day!

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