Thursday, January 8, 2009

What A Way To Start The New Year!!!

I am trying to type this post while walking on the treadmill, we will see how this goes... nothing like multi-tasking!!! LOL
So, for the title and the stories to go along with it...
NSR... living in Alaska always seems to offer its "firsts." This year - only on day 9, has been pretty well full of them. A new one pretty much every day! LOL
First - we are on like day 13 of days that haven't gotten warmer than like 30 below zero. It has been miserably cold here and the ice fog is just not even worth complaining about it is so bad! I am just so much looking forward to even 20 below zero! I am tired of having square tires and bouncing down the road for the first 5 minutes of driving... tired of wearing my heavy Sorel boots, tired of not being able to breath, and tired of having flat hair from wearing my hood (vain, I know... but I have this thing with my hair being flat! LOL)!!!! One good thing about all of this is that we are gaining daylight by about 4 minutes a day now - which is awesome! :)
Still NSR... I got to go to Defensive Driving School! It wasn't really bad at all, in fact I learned a few things and the teacher had some good stories. Why did I go? I got a ticket - for not pulling into the far left lane on the highway while passing a cop that had someone else pulled over. I did slow down a whole bunch and scooted over to the far side of my lane, but I guess that isn't the way it works here anymore. Now I know! LOL At least I got out of a ticket...
NOW NSR!!! Be sure to check out the post below regarding the 50% off stamp sale that The Angel Company is having! The prices on my website are the discounted price. It includes all current "T" coded stamps ~ if you have a catalog handy... there are "R" coded stamps too.
I need to download some picts onto this laptop so that I can have some to post while I am on my "walk." I guess that I worked out pretty good as long as the speed wasn't too fast! Maybe this will help inspire me to workout more often! LOL
Have a great weekend!

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