Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's and Anniversary

Sorry I haven't posted this week - it was the week of "love" at our house! Tuesday was our 8 year anniversary and then - well, yesterday Valentine's Day - you'll laugh at how we celebrated... Tuesday I made reservations at Lavelle's Bistro in Fairbanks. Very nice restaruant in one of the hotel's downtown. It was the first time that we had eaten there - and for sure going back!! It was soo yummy! They even had a Reisling wine, which I loved. I don't drink a whole lot and am not a huge fan of wine - except for sweet German wine! Dinner was lovely... then, we went to WalMart and treated ourselves with a new flat screen TV for the bedroom. Both of us have to have the TV on to fall asleep. Mine is more of a comfort thing... his reason - maybe it just puts him to sleep. Something about going lithargic when one watches TV! We had a 12" TV since we had gotten married - and this 24" is huge and bright compared to it - but at least I can read the list of what is on TV from bed! LOL
Valentine's Day was celebrated with Freddie going bowling with his "AMMO" team, and I waiting anxiously for the Papertrey Ink release! I am hooked... love the matching ink/paper/ribbon combo ~ especially since the ink is Palette ink, which we carry in our TAC catalog! Hopefully the colors are close to the same because I will be in love if the ribbon matches our TAC ink too!!!
This weekend I am attending a get-away crop with some lady friends of mine in the area. We rented a BnB outside of Fairbanks and plan to do some serious cropping!!! I have so much stuff packed, it isn't even funny... haven't even though about clothes!!! LOL
I also have photos to share from a swap that I hosted - hopefully I can post them before I leave tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!!!!
Inky Hugz!!!

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